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Re: [eclipse-dev] MacOS X: Interface bugs

1) Right clicking on an item in the file list (say for selecting the properties of a project) will not generate the context menu for the item the mouse is hovering over. It creates the context menu for the previously selected item. In other words, it doesn't select the new item first and then generate the list. A little annoying when you have to "left-click" on an item and then "right click" on it later.

filed bug #25278

2) Textboxes (or whatever the equivalent in the SWT) hide their contents as if the content has been completely scrolled to the right. (so the text is hidden under the left edge of the box). It's a little annoying when you think that the build directory hasn't been added when you look under the source properties and you end up with a weird build path like:

Bug #23851 has been fixed on 2002/09/24.
What version of Eclipse are you using?
Please reopen bug if problem still exists after that date.


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