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Re: [eclipse-dev] using proxy to update

Just a quick explanation about using the Eclipse update server ...

Now that Eclipse 2.0 GM is available, the update server has been "reset"
and will contain only future updates to the 2.0 GM code base. So to work
with 2.0 GM version of Eclipse you need to download and install a full 2.0
GM build. You cannot use the built-in update support to do this. The
rationale is to ensure everyone is starting with clean baseline 2.0 GM
support. Future service updates to the GM base will be posted on the update

Prior to 2.0 GM we were posting all integration builds in the update format
for testing. This is no longer being done. So migrate manually to 2.0 GM.
In case you are not already doing this, you can preserve your old workspace
by specifying its location using -data command line option with the 2.0GM

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ok, but it says that there's no update avaulable, and it should have,
because my version is 20020612

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