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[eclipse-dev] Eclipse SWT export for cross platform

I hope this is the correct list.
My problem:
I want to develop a cross platform application with the SWT of eclipse.
I set the Runtime Parameters (sorry, I do not find where anymore, it was under VM properties)
added external jar (swt/win32) (or imported it directly into the package)
I was able to see the example.
But how I am able to export this example into a jar file in such way,
that it runs on all platforms with eg. java -jar package.jar
including the SWT classes?
I only get an error, that there is no main class, but I have defined it.
Sometimes I get the error of missing swt widgets classes.
In the jar file I have then only HTML files for each component.
So here my main question:
Is there an easy way to export a cross platform application into one jar file including the swt classes?

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