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Re: [eclipse-dev] Why eclipse-dev gets so many user posts -- and why they won't stop

I do also fully agree. 
It's sometimes a real burden to use newsgroups at all and behind
corporate firewalls it is almost impossible. The webinterface doesn't
help really.

Btw. It is hard to find any good newsreader for offline reading,
especially for linux. I know that it is possible to setup inn and suck
and uucp etc., but for most people, like me, that is too much effort for
doing something which you usually get for free in terms of a mailing
list and an archive.


On Fri, 2002-07-05 at 07:15, Hugo A. Garcia wrote:
> I agree... a mail list for users is more accesible than a newsgroup. Some
> of us live behind a very restrictive firewall and newsgroup access is not
> feasable BUT email is always accesible in one form or another.
> -H
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