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[eclipse-dev] F2 build schedule - upate

Hi folks,

Well I have gotten responses about the proposed schedule.  It seems people are more than happy to do their sniff tests on Saturday but there have been a couple of questions:

        1) Want to know when the builds will be done so they don't waste time sitting around waiting.
        2) Can't necessarily meet the 1pm deadline I mentioned in the 1st email.

Both are valid concerns.  It is hard for me to give a definite answer but here goes.

#1 When will the build be done

Builds take 90 minutes to 2 hours to be compiled, tested and uploaded to  I will be starting them at 8:00 am.  However, if a submission breaks the build all bets are off.  The submission has to be fixed, resubmitted and rebuilt.

Like it or not it appears that the Eclipse development team leaders are essentially on call this weekend.  If this is not the case there is not much sense having the RelEng team produce builds on Saturday.  Afterall, we can not fix Eclipse, we jut put it together <grin>.  Each team lead will naturally decide how they want to share the glory that is this weekend <grin>

I will send out email no later than Saturday at 10:00 am saying either the build is ready, or that the build will be ready by <insert guess here>.  I am 90% confident that the build will be ready by 10:00 am but then again I bought Nortel at $100.00

#2 When do I have to have my sniff test done by

The 1pm time was just pulled out of my <insert body part>.  The plan only states we need to start test pass 2 on a valid F2 drop Monday at 8:00 am.  The problem is if we leave the sniffing too late there would be no time to fix any problems that might be found.  So I suggest starting a sniff test Monday at 5:00 am is a bad thing.

So I will leave the sniff deadline up to the teams.  Keep in mind though that again, all the Eclipse team leads are essentially on call until we declare this thing either good to go or a wash.

Please let me know if you have any questions or hate mail.


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