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Re: [eclipse-dev] Problem with <tab>-key, Bug #18422

Not to wander too far OT, but one unfortunate disadvantage to Bugzilla (or other such system) is that it's often difficult to gauge how widespread a problem is, or the desire for a new feature is.  It's often via repeated "me too" posts or messages that the developers can see how important a fix or feature is to the big picture.  I know that people can add themselves as CC:'s to a list, and that voting can be implemented, but most bug reports don't get seen by any but the most ambitious that watch just about everything that gets entered there.

I realize that this too might be better discussed on the newsgroup, but Erich's comments about Bugzilla being used for discussions renewed the topic in my mind.

David Whiteman
OTI Raleigh

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05/31/2002 08:30 AM
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I've downloaded the F1-release and also the newer Integration-Build and
recognized that the <tab>-key isn't working, when you check the option

java->editor->appearance->"Insert spaces for tab"

Also the indention isn't made while switching to a new line by pressing

Everything works fine if you leave the option "Insert spaces for tab"

Any hint?

Michael Augustin

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