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[eclipse-dev] Important: Plugins with .jars and *src.zips in cvs repository

A change in pde-build has the effect that plug-ins that have jar files and/or * files checked into cvs will not have those files rebuilt at build time.

I believe the only jar files and * files that should be checked into cvs are ones that we never rebuild.  Xerces is an example of this.

If your plugin has a jar file in it could you please remove the jar file and send us a new build submission reflecting the change.  Or send us a compelling reason why the jar file needs to be there.  Naturally the build process could do a clean after the fetch and before the build but 1) this wastes time and 2) We would have to be careful not to clean jars that we do not build (like Xerces).

Two examples of "offending" plugins are: contains search.jar contains compare.jar

There may be others, we will be checking this.


Again, speedy replies would be appreciate it.  We would like to move the builder over to the new pde-build as soon as possible.


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