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[eclipse-dev] Re-branding Eclipse

I'm working through the article titled "Creating product branding".  Things
seem to be working fine until I get to the "Create a product configuration"
section.  Several questions:

1) I do not have an file to define the dominant
configuration -- do I _need_ one, or can I just create it?
2) If the answer to #1 is - "create one", what else belongs in the file beside the "application.configuration" line?
3) I do have a configuration folder called "org.eclipse.sdk_2.0.0".  But do
NOT have a folder in the plugins directory by the same name - do I _need_

The article emphasizes that I should have the "platform" build.  I have
tried this section with both the platform and SDK builds and get the same
results.   Any ideas?

Mike McGowan

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