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[eclipse-dev] Debugging question


I am new to Eclipse and having a problem that might be very easy to
solve, but I couldn't figure out how yet. I am not sure if this is the
right place to ask, please correct me if my question should not be

I am developing a Java application using JDK 1.4.0 on Windows. I am
able to compile the application without problems, but I can't run or
debug it using the IDE. My application looks for images in relative
paths (to the class/jar) file, but when Eclipse executes the code, it
does not change to the project directory, it runs the class/jar from
the Eclipse installation root folder instead. In other words, the
active directory upon execution of the code is not where the code is
located. As a result, the needed images are not loaded by the
application, because they are not found. And I don't wish to hard-code
the location of the drive and folder names, as the code will have to
work on Unix later as well.

How make I Eclipse change the current directory to where the project
files reside before starting the debugger? Other IDEs do this
automatically, but at least the build 20020321 doesn't, out of the
box. How/where can I set this? Any help would be very appreciated.


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