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Re: [eclipse-dev] Re-branding Eclipse

Mike, the whole area of product branding is currently undergoing a significant revision. The article posted on the web applies to the Eclipse 1.0 base. If you are trying to do this for some recent Eclipse 2.0 build, then the mechanisms will be different.

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04/19/2002 03:26 PM
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I'm working through the article titled "Creating product branding".  Things
seem to be working fine until I get to the "Create a product configuration"
section.  Several questions:

1) I do not have an file to define the dominant
configuration -- do I _need_ one, or can I just create it?
2) If the answer to #1 is - "create one", what else belongs in the file beside the "application.configuration" line?
3) I do have a configuration folder called "org.eclipse.sdk_2.0.0".  But do
NOT have a folder in the plugins directory by the same name - do I _need_

The article emphasizes that I should have the "platform" build.  I have
tried this section with both the platform and SDK builds and get the same
results.   Any ideas?

Mike McGowan

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