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Re: [ecf-dev] about capabilities

Hi Cristiano,

On 10/31/2014 3:00 AM, Cristiano Gavião wrote:
<stuff deleted>

I agree and share your concerns, and that is why I'm looking for knowledge about a BTM and related stuffs of RSA.

Ok, I've created this enhancement:


We can use this bug to discuss details of various approaches, suggest implementations/changes, and to track actual changes.

Btw, about DS auto-start thing... what I have been used in my environment/system is a selective activation of the DS components/services. I mean, I don't use "immediate" and almost all components have a standard configurationPid and configurationPolicy=ConfigurationPolicy.REQUIRE. This way I have a (some kind) of central bundle that uses ConfigurationAdmin service to create a configuration instance for every desired component. When a configuration is registered DS automatically create and publish an instance of the desired service...

maybe we could use that in ECF too...

Yes, use of ConfigurationAdmin as you describe is certainly possible. If possible, I would like to continue to make it easy for people to use BTM without ConfigAdmin, however, only because my impression is that not everyone uses ConfigAdmin (even among those that use DS...e.g. Eclipse).

I know that there are some environments using the same concept, Karaf, for example uses apache Felix FileInstall bundle to manage such configuration... they have a directory where administrator put properties files that will be used to create the Configuration instance...

Yes. Let's continue discussion, along with ideas about implementation, on bug 449528.