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Re: [ecf-dev] about capabilities

Hi Cristiano,

On 10/29/2014 9:30 AM, Cristiano Gavião wrote:

Hi Scott and all,

I noted that you removed the Provide-Capability from JMS provider here: https://github.com/ECF/JMS/commit/fd16245cc55c2028c77bf6d74430896fd129c95b , but kept in others. what was the reason ?

It was an oversight on my part. I had to remove the existing ones when doing R6 CT tests as they were not well-formed, but forgot to add the correct ones back in. To fix I've created this bug


As you can see by the bug, I've corrected/added and pushed to master. Thanks for the report.

I'm looking at the examples and noted that almost all is referencing org.eclipse.ecf.osgi.services.distribution.IDistributionConstants interface. that explicitly makes the bundle to import org.eclipse.ecf.osgi.services.distribution package and consequently the org.eclipse.ecf.osgi.services.distribution bundle installed. ok.

doubt. would I got the same result (ensure that we must have the right ECF bundle installed) using Require-Capability: osgi.remoteserviceadmin.topology instead ?

Not completely (you wouldn't get all the effects). You would of course have the capability, but you wouldn't also get the starting of the o.e.e.osgi.services.distribution bundle that is triggered by the class load of IDistributionConstants upon app startup (as used by the older examples). The reasons that some of the examples still use IDistributionConstants is 1) that they were written before the RSA topology manager capability existed and haven't been updated; 2) The class dependency on IDistributionConstants simplifies and avoids the need to have an explicit start of the o.e.e.osgi.services.distribution bundle.

and what if I have topology implementation, how to filter for one ?

If you have your own topology manager, I would encourage the use of the OSGi topologymanager capability. Startup is (of course) up to you.

I noted that that are example of the use of the extender for endpoint-descriptions file, but what about to change some example project to demonstrate the other new capabilities stuffs ?

Sounds like a good idea. Feel free to open an enhancement and contributions are welcome.