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[ecf-dev] about capabilities

Hi Scott and all,

I noted that you removed the Provide-Capability from JMS provider here: https://github.com/ECF/JMS/commit/fd16245cc55c2028c77bf6d74430896fd129c95b , but kept in others. what was the reason ?

I'm looking at the examples and noted that almost all is referencing org.eclipse.ecf.osgi.services.distribution.IDistributionConstants interface. that explicitly makes the bundle to import org.eclipse.ecf.osgi.services.distribution package and consequently the org.eclipse.ecf.osgi.services.distribution bundle installed. ok.

doubt. would I got the same result (ensure that we must have the right ECF bundle installed) using Require-Capability: osgi.remoteserviceadmin.topology instead ?  and what if I have topology implementation, how to filter for one ?

I noted that that are example of the use of the extender for endpoint-descriptions file, but what about to change some example project to demonstrate the other new capabilities stuffs ?

best regards,