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Re: [ecf-dev] Authentication when using DS for Remote Services?

Hi Scott,

Thanks for providing this example. This is something which was on my list for some time now.

Bye, Peter

Am 25.07.2014 04:12, schrieb Scott Lewis:
Hi Folks,

I've created a two new example bundles (one customizing the remote service host to do authentication, the other customizing the remote service consumer/client to do the sending of the authentication information (i.e. username/password). See [1] for details.

Mea culpa: I was a incorrect below in describing the procedure for passing authentication information (username/password) in the connectData for the remote service consumer. Rather than overriding getConnectContext(), it involved defining and setting an IConnectInitiatorPolicy instance upon consumer container creation. This is shown in the consumer example code (in this class in the example: com.mycorp.examples.timeservice.consumer.ds.generic.auth.GenericAuthConsumerContainerSelector).



[1] https://bugs.eclipse.org/bugs/show_bug.cgi?id=439577#c2

On 7/21/2014 11:25 AM, Scott Lewis wrote:
Hi J,

Sorry about the slow reply...over past two weeks I've been completely focused on testing ECF 3.9 against the OSGi R6 CT (compatibility test suite).

I've asked you some high-level questions on the bug [1]...about the desire for the example you requested for setting up ECF generic authentication.

A couple of quick responses below. If you would like to contact me directly for support please just email me at slewis at composent.com.

On 7/15/2014 9:48 PM, J Langley wrote:
I believe that I am a bit closer to getting this to work using the hello remote services example. I am using zeroconf for discovery.

On the host side, I have registered a service for IHostContainerSelector. It extends the HostContainerSelector, overriding the createContainer method to use the parent to actually create the container, but then sets an IConnectHandlerPolicy policy on the container before returning it. I have verified that the policy is called when the consumer is connected, but the connectData is always null.

On the client side, I have registered a service for IConsumerContainerSelector. It extends the ConsumerContainerSelector, overriding the getConnectContext and connectContainer methods. However, these methods are never called. I believe that this is because the connectTargetID parameter in the ConsumerContainerSelector::selectConsumerContainer method is always null.
So far, I think that it is because the endpoint discovery has not occurred at this point.

Yes, this seems right to me. The IConsumerContainerSelector.selectConsumerContainer is called when the RSA.importService method is called, and with the BasicTopologyManager, importService is called upon endpoint discovery. So the sequence typically looks like this:

1. <network discovery occurs>
-> creates EndpointDescription instance (ed)
2. Topology Manager (BasicTopologyManager) takes ed and calls RemoteServiceAdmin.importService(ed)
3. <ECF's RSA impl>
-> Gets IConsumerContainerSelector and calls selectConsumerContainer(ed)
-> Creates TCPClientSOContainer, calls connect after calling getConnectContext()

The reason I say 'typically' is that the RSA spec makes it possible have/use a custom topology manager. As a compliant impl, ECF supports this topology manager customization, it's possible for others to create/use a custom topology manager...and not use the BasicTopologyManager (which is the ECF default topology manager). But the upshot is that you are right, with the BasicTopologyManager the endpoint description discovery triggers the RSA.importService, which calls the IConsumerContainerSelector.

I was finally able to override the selectConsumerContainer and set the context for authentication on the adapter. Now when I have a breakpoint at SOContext.connect - I see the connect context that I set for the adapter.

Ok, that seems right. Please let me know how/if I can help further. Please also feel free to use bug [1] if you wish.

I am still receiving null on the host side though. Also, it doesn't appear that the return value from the IConnectHandlerPolicy is being used. I will update tomorrow with any progress.



[1] https://bugs.eclipse.org/bugs/show_bug.cgi?id=439577

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