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Re: [ecf-dev] Raspberry Pi remote services?

On 27.06.2014 19:30, Scott Lewis wrote:
> I would like to solicit ideas about some small device (e.g. raspberry 
> pi) service interfaces.    It might be really nice to have a service 
> which abstracted some hardware-specific capabilities (e.g. the media 
> processing and/or device control properties of the Raspberry Pi).   But 
> I'm open to what others might find interesting or exciting in other 
> domains (e.g. devices that are consumers of existing web-based services, 
> device provisioning/configuration, etc).

What about using http://pi4j.com/ to talk to the GPIOs of the Pi. One
can hook up a multimeter to the GPIOs and make it do stuff. One just
needs a multimeter, old floppy cable and paper clips.