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[ecf-dev] Raspberry Pi remote services?

Hi Folks,

Today Sakith Indula (gsoc student for 2014) and I were discussing his Google Summer of Code project.

One thing he would like to do for his project is to create another PDE template around a new remote service. The question is: what would be a good remote service to make into a template?

We both think it would be nice to have a simple (one or two methods) service interface, targeted for a small device as either host, consumer, or both. I recently created a very simple IRaspberryPi interface for this tutorial [1], but all this service does is get the raspberry pi host's system properties, which is not a very interesting service but what I came up with at the time.

It would be really nice to declare a more interesting service, with raspberry pi (or some other target device that many have/can get access to) as either the host *or* the service consumer, and then Sakith could create a PDE template for that service.

I would like to solicit ideas about some small device (e.g. raspberry pi) service interfaces. It might be really nice to have a service which abstracted some hardware-specific capabilities (e.g. the media processing and/or device control properties of the Raspberry Pi). But I'm open to what others might find interesting or exciting in other domains (e.g. devices that are consumers of existing web-based services, device provisioning/configuration, etc).

If possible, I would also like to use the Java8 CompleteableFuture additions in ECF's asynchronous remote services (see [1]).