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Re: [ecf-dev] Luna comitment

The same problem arises for users who'd have to figure out which ECF repository to add when installing Mylyn. 

This problem would not exist because your dependency puts ECF in the release train (if ECF was not in there in the first place).

That is true but it would still make our build that runs against the release train repository fail. Besides dependencies from Orbit and one exceptional case for a platform jar we have stayed away from re-distributing other project's content (at least not intentionally). You are right though that we could consider that as an alternative in case ECF wasn't in the release train repository. 

I think it's the much better alternative if the ECF project manages the ECF content that ends up in the release train as we could easily end up distributing something that doesn't make sense :).


Steffen Pingel
Principal Software Engineer, Eclipse Mylyn
Mylyn Tasks Lead

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