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Re: [ecf-dev] Luna comitment

speaking as an integrator of ECF, we would possibly end up removing ECF dependencies from Mylyn if ECF didn't ship as part of the release train. Consuming non release train repositories adds more overhead when managing our targets and trying to match project releases to Eclipse releases can be quite time consuming. We also couldn't include ECF based functionality in the release train repository then.

Every project is allowed to re-use other eclipse projects as long as they are released. In other words, you are allowed to consume ECF from the ECF release repository in such a way that it ends up in the release train repository.


The same problem arises for users who'd have to figure out which ECF repository to add when installing Mylyn. 

This problem would not exist because your dependency puts ECF in the release train (if ECF was not in there in the first place).

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