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[ecf-dev] New remote services example. Was: Re: Build question

Hi Markus and all,

I've added the com.mycorp.examples plugins to the org.eclipse.ecf.remoteservice.examples feature, added the necessary cquery and mspec org.eclipse.ecf.sdk feature...and things are now being included in the sdk build:

Thanks for the cquery/mspec info Markus.

Note...for Markus and Wim's presentation/talk well as general's what was actually added (all in com.mycorp.examples* bundle namespace):

1) Timeservice API.  bundle:   c.m.e.timeservice
2) Timeservice Host Impl (code):
3) Timeservice Consumer (code):  c.m.e.t.consumer
4) Timeservice Consumer (declarative services): c.m.e.t.consumer.ds
5) Timeservice Consumer EDEF File Discovery (generic provider): c.m.e.t.consumer.filediscovery 6) Timeservice Rest Provider: 3 bundles:,, These three plugins make available a REST-based provider...implemented via a host servlet/HttpService. This demonstrates how easy it is to plug a custom provider into ECF's impl of OSGi remote services, and uses the (new) servlet support plugin [1] 7) Timeservice Consumer File Discovery (REST provider). plugin:

Note that all these bundles are tiny...e.g. the timeservice API bundle is 1 interface class, and none of the above have more than 3 classes. The filediscovery bundles don't have any code at all...and rather have a single EDEF-compliant xml file...that is used to trigger file-based discovery of the remote service.

If other discovery providers are used (e.g. zookeeper, slp, jmdns, dnssd, etc), then the filediscovery is not needed. I simply wanted to provide a non-network-based discovery for the examples...but it would be much easier if people were to use a network-based discovery...e.g. our zookeeper discovery server at OSU OSL.

Currently, there are launch configs in several of the above plugins (generally in a '/launch' directory). One further addition can/could be metadata to build/deploy these examples (e.g. features and product config, tycho, both). I'm not sure what the two of you (Markus and Wim) intend to emphasize in your talk, so the build/deploy process may or may not be relevant/desired.


On 8/26/2013 4:32 AM, Markus Alexander Kuppe wrote:
On 08/25/2013 09:43 PM, Scott Lewis wrote:
I've added this line to ecf.rmap:

   <rm:locator pattern="^com\.mycorp\.examples(\..+)?"

What I would like to do would be to add the com.mycorp.examples plugins
to this feature:


The o.e.e.r.examples.feature is included by this feature:


But neither the o.e.e.r.examples.feature nor the
o.e.e.remoteservice.sdk.feature have any cquery or mspec files.
Where...i.e. which cquery/mspec files need to be amended to allow these
plugins to be added to the org.eclipse.ecf.remoteservice.examples.feature?
Hi Scott,

we do not have a dedicated build for either of the two features. Until
we have builds for them, I suggest to add it to the cquery/mspec in


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