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[ecf-dev] update to httpcomponents version for ECF filetransfer

Hi Folks,

Via this bug [1], we have been requested to update our version of httpcore/httpclient from Orbit. For Kepler, we used 4.1.4/4.1.3 and we have been asked to update to 4.2.4/4.2.5 because there are other consumers that are using the more recent version (Mylyn, I believe)...see [1].

I've opened reuse CQs [2][3], and they've been approved.

I've loaded 4.2.4/4.2.5 into my local workspace...tested using our fieltransfer test suite...and happily found no problems...i.e. all our filetransfer tests pass just fine using 4.2.4/4.2.5.

Now...what I would like to do is to change over Jenkins that these versions are used from Orbit, rather than the old versions. Then we can/could make builds available for integration tests with p2/platform prior to Luna M2. I'm not completely clear on what changes need to be made to the build (rmap, cquery, mspec) to affect these changes to the httpclient4 feature build. Could someone more familiar with the build than I (probably Markus or Wim) help out with this over the next days? I'll make the necessary changes with appropriate guidance, as I would like to understand better how Orbit interaction works in our builder.




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