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[ecf-dev] [Gsoc][ECF Tooling]-Generate codes for Service Registration & Service Client

HI All

Now tool is supporting generate codes for service registration.It's generate a method called register(), using that method user can easily register the service. method signature of the register method as follows

register(String interfaceName, Object classInstance,String containerDescription,BundleContext context);

To generate this method I have used a string template instead of using AST processor, because  there are no dynamic contents all most all the content are static so I thought to use String temple and I couldn’t see any drawback,  Are there any drawback of using string template instead of using AST ?

Also please let me know suggestions and improvements  for service registration method

Service client Codes -

  • I am thinking to add a separate menu item (Generate r-osgi client) into right click menu.
  • Once user click the on this menu , A Wizard will be appeared.
  • In the Wizard user can give Service URL and Interface name

What do you think ?



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