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[ecf-dev] OSGi spec process opening up

Hi Folks,

FYI:  From my chair, this is very good news.  See below.


The OSGi Alliance has approved a more transparent specification development process, allowing the public to comment immediately on Requests for Comments as well as Requests for  Proposals for OSGi specifications. The shift from periodic early draft review to real-time public comment is expected to further increase OSGi adoption and enhance the standardization process.

The Alliance’s repository of active RFCs and RFPs is now mirrored continuously to a world-readable repository at, and non-member feedback can be submitted through the public bugzilla system at

The new specification development process provides the public with greater insight into OSGi specification activities and allows the Alliance to consider or include comments from developers within specific verticals and communities during the specification development. Actual technical design, including authoring, editing and approving specifications, continues to be done by OSGi Alliance members.

For further information please visit:

Thank you,

Susan Schwarze
Board Member and VP Marketing, OSGi Alliance

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