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Re: [ecf-dev] [GSOC]--Developing test-cases for the remote service generating project

Am 10.08.2013 04:34, schrieb Salinda Jayawardana:
> I tried my best to create Junit test case, but failed. I couldn’t find a
> way to create ICompilationUnit programmatically,  all most all the
> important methods need ICompilationUnit to execute. Seems to be  SWTBot
> test cases only can do this. Is there any way to do this without using
> SWTBot?
> Shall I move to implement other functions first and do this as a last event?

Hi Salinda,

please always respond on-list (ecf-dev) so that others can help you as well.

WRT ICompilactionUnit if you cannot create it programmatically, go on
and implement functionality. Always try to write unit tests though!

Generally it should not take you a week to find out that you cannot do


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