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[ecf-dev] proposal: ECF 3.7

Hi Folks,

Proposal for general discussion:  ECF releases 3.7.0 in September 2013.

What would this minor release consist of you say? Well, here's what I know about:

1) New bundle/API:  org.eclipse.ecf.remoteservice.servlet  [1]
2) A number of bug fixes/robustness improvements in remote services...e.g. [2] 3) New 'timeservice' OSGi remote services example...along with custom rest-based provider [3] 4) I believe Markus has been working with dnssd discovery provider, so that could be included as well
5) Any other things that committers and/or contributors have been working on

Also...we've been requested [4] to use a more recent version of httpcomponents [4] so that only one version appears in the luna repo. This is not a lot of work (IP requests, small changes to our build, testing), but since we need to do release builds...

In any event...comments/thoughts/other things that people either have been working on or would like to get into such a release would be appreciated. I agree the above would not constitute the largest minor release we've done, but I think it does justify a minor release (i.e. review, etc). And having the timing be such that it could be part of Kepler maintenance release wouldn't terms of visibility, promotion, etc.



[3] and

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