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Re: [ecf-dev] ECF Kepler Status

On 05/24/2013 05:49 PM, Eclipse Webmaster (Denis Roy) wrote:
> Actually, I believe Wim originally called it a "maintenance release" which:
> A *maintenance release* (also *minor release*) is a release of a product
> that does not add new features or content. For instance, in computer
> software <>,
> maintenance releases <> are
> typically intended to solve minor problems, typically "bugs
> <>" or security
> <> issues

Btw. this definition does not hold WRT OSGi semantic versioning where a
breaking change in a provider type interface is still a minor version
change: "A change in the second (minor) part of the version signals that
the change is backward compatible with consumers of the API package but
not with the providers of that API." [1] page 2

Btw. technically I can argue that the change we are talking about is
indeed a provider type change that does not demand a major version



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