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[ecf-dev] Fwd: Re: [Hosting] UNPLANNED Power/Network Outage OSUOSL


ecf-builds has been affected by the power outage too, though all
services seem up and running. However, just in case something weird
starts to materialize, remember the outage.


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Subject: 	Re: [Hosting] UNPLANNED Power/Network Outage
Date: 	Wed, 22 Aug 2012 12:13:35 -0700
From: 	Lance Albertson <lance@xxxxxxxxxx>
To: 	hosting@xxxxxxxxxx

Minor update:

We've fixed most of the issues we had with the power failure earlier (at
least on the OSL managed machines). So far I know that it appears an
entire row of machines may have bounced and parts of the power phases in
other areas did as well. We are documenting everything so that we can
narrow down exactly how this happened and make sure we prevent it from
happening again.


On Wed, Aug 22, 2012 at 10:47 AM, Lance Albertson <lance@xxxxxxxxxx
<mailto:lance@xxxxxxxxxx>> wrote:

    We just had a major power and network outage in our machine room. We
    are still trying to figure out how many hosts were affected by
    power, but our core switch did go completely down and back up. There
    was a maintenance person working on one of the UPS's at the time and
    apparently the wrong switch was tripped causing the outage. We
    should have power balanced between two power sources but for some
    reason this outage seems to have gone farther beyond that.

    I apologize for the issues and we'll work throughout the day to
    clear up any issues this may have caused. We'll send an update as
    soon as we have more information.

Lance Albertson
Associate Director of Operations
Oregon State University | Open Source Lab
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