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Hi Markus , Scott, Harshan and All 

I have  completed the  the R-OSGI Test Framework with the  following features as my GSOC project of this year.Also I am looking forward to continue working with this project


OSGi Remote Services Testing framework is a eclipse plugin for Eclipse Communication Framework.
Using the framework user will be able to test the ecf osgi remote service inside the eclipse in short time.
This is based on the simple annotations and graphical form based editor has been provided to configure the host information and service container information.


  •      Ability to write simple annotation base Test cases 
  •      Can invoke multiple test classes 
  •      Loosely couple with service containers
  •      Loosely couple with service Interface
  •      Ability to test same test case with the local service as well as the remote service without change the test classes 
Basically Framework contain nine main annotations including two class annotations and seven method specific annotations

Class Annotations 

@ServiceTest:  The annotated class will be run by the framework as a Test Class

@TestSuite:  The annotated class consider as the Test Suite.TestSuite is important when your are running test for more than one service

Method Annotations

@BeforeSuite: The annotated method will be run before all tests in this suite have run. 

@AfterSuite: The annotated method will be run after all tests in this suite have run. 

@TestInit: The annotated method will be run before any test method belonging to the classes.
his method is guaranteed to run first.

@TestEnd: The annotated method will be run after all the test methods belonging to the classes  

@Test: The list of groups that this configuration method will run after.  

@BeforeMethod: The annotated method will be run before each test method. 

@AfterMethod: The annotated method will be run after each test method.

Future improvement
Integration with CI servers with the maven support

Step to test the Framework(( tested in the Linux and eclipse Helios ,java 1.6 environment))
  1. Download theform the git repo[0]
  2. Import the project into your eclipse work-space 
  3. There is one external dependency(Apache common lang ) I already have put that jar into lib folder so you don't have to worry 
  4. Add  ECF budles into the class path also relevant providers 
  5. Run the Eclipse . 

See the document[1] for details description about usages of these annotations and Sample Test Case
Download the screen cast[2]

Thanks and Regards




Thanks & Regards

Jasintha Dasanayake
MSc  Student , SHU Uk 

mobile +94 772 916 596 ,

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