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[ecf-dev] Building a system on top of ECF


I'm building a system on top of Eclipse Communication Framework using Java, and I want to get some data from its features like the following:

 1. When a developer (e.g. dev1) selects "Share Editor With" from the menu, I'd like to capture the name of the selected developer (e.g. dev2).
 2. When the pop-up window appears to dev2 asking for a permission to share, I'd like to capture his answer (either "Yes" or "No")
 3. If the editor is shared, I need to show a pop-up window to dev1 asking a few questions after the shared editor is closed.
 4. Also, I'd like to have some flexibility to order the contacts based on some factors I built in my system

Is it possible to have this data


Ghadeer Kintab

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