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Re: [ecf-dev] ECF 3.5 Release Presentation - Please Review

Hi Sebastian and all,

Thanks Sebastian much for the additions/changes.

Just to let everyone know about the timing of things...tomorrow (Tues, March 2), at around 17:00UTC I will do any needed final edits, create a pdf of the same name, check the pdf in to CVS, and send it via email to the EMO (Eclipse Management Organization), so that they can put the slides up on the 'pending review' page. This means that any additions/changes/edits of the review slides have to be *complete* and committed by tomorrow 17:00UTC. Sebastian...if you wish just let me know directly if this doesn't fit your timing at all and we'll work out the details.

This deadline only applies to the review slides...the new and noteworthy can continue to be edited/amended until next week.

The slides are available for access via CVS (not git) at:

module:  www/ecf
file:  reviews/ECF_Project_3.5_Release_Review.ppt

Note that this area is *also* available via the web...i.e. at the following link for download:


So rather than attach the ppt to an email posting, please just download from the web link for any further review.