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Re: [ecf-dev] ECF 3.5 Release Presentation - Please Review

Hi Sebastian,

What Markus is referring to is that both he and I have been working with the Eclipse Foundation to get access to the OSGi remoteservices TCK (test compatibility kit I think). We would like to run the TCK on the ECF Remote Services Admin implementation...going out with 3.5...to verify that it is fully compliant with the specification.

The Eclipse Foundation has access to the TCK now (there was a licensing issue with OSGi that has been worked out), and they are doing something else to satisfy licensing requirements and org requirements before we can use/run it on our implementation...i.e. their legal work is not yet complete.

So, the short story is that although we expect to run the TCK very soon now, we can't run it until EF gives us access...and probably won't be able to run the TCK on ECF's implementation prior to ECF 3.5 release...because the EF hasn't completed what they need to complete.


On 2/26/2011 3:20 PM, Sebastian Schmidt wrote:
Hi Markus,

thank you for the review. I added your changes except for

- Add something along the lines of spec compliance WRT OSGi
remoteservices TCK (Work has started in the 3.5 time frame but could not
be completed due to lawyers and such ;-)
Sorry, didn't really get that one :-)

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