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[ecf-dev] Replacing ConnectionConfiguration

Hi there,

Within my application, I am currently trying to replace Smack's
XMPPConnection with ECF's XMPPContainer, about which I have a question.

In one instance, we construct an XMPPConnection using the constructor:
XMPPConnection(ConnectionConfiguration config)

In making the config object we:
  - set URI (host and port)
  - pass a ProxyInfo object
  - call setSecurityMode()
  - call setReconnectionAllowed()

As far as I can see, an XMPPContainer doesn't accept a
ConnectionConfiguration and there is no equivalent in ECF to use.
Furthermore, I can't see alternative ways in an XMPPContainer to
configure the specific information I list above.

And so I was wondering if anyone had any advice on how to configure this
information within an XMPPContainer?

Many thanks
Karl Beecher

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