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Re: [ecf-dev] Replacing ConnectionConfiguration

Hi Karl,

On 11/26/2010 5:56 AM, Karl Beecher wrote:
Hi there,

Within my application, I am currently trying to replace Smack's
XMPPConnection with ECF's XMPPContainer, about which I have a question.

In one instance, we construct an XMPPConnection using the constructor:
XMPPConnection(ConnectionConfiguration config)

In making the config object we:
   - set URI (host and port)
   - pass a ProxyInfo object
   - call setSecurityMode()
   - call setReconnectionAllowed()

As far as I can see, an XMPPContainer doesn't accept a
ConnectionConfiguration and there is no equivalent in ECF to use.
Furthermore, I can't see alternative ways in an XMPPContainer to
configure the specific information I list above.

The equivalent of what you are doing in terms of XMPPConnection creation and connection configuration is done in this class:


Specifically the equivalent of what you are doing is in the ECFConnection.connect(ID remote, Object data, int timeout) method.

The ECFConnection instance is actually created for the XMPP container at connect time via this method in class org.eclipse.ecf.provider.xmpp.XMPPContainer:

    protected ISynchAsynchConnection createConnection(ID remoteSpace,
            Object data) throws ConnectionCreateException

If you wanted to enhance the ECFConnection class itself to add further configuration information, then if you contribute it back we can/could add it to the next release. Another option would be to create a brand new xmpp provider...and override XMPPContainer.createConnection to create your own ECFConnection subclass.



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