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Re: [ecf-dev] ECF 3.4 Release...we're a go for Oct 29, 2010

Hi Wim,

On 10/29/2010 7:24 AM, Wim Jongman wrote:
I think this is a 3.3 feature patch and therefore included in 3.4. I think that the patch should not be build/published in the 3.4 repo. Scott?

No, the feature patch should be Eclipse 3.5.X has old versions of ECF core and filetransfer bundles...and the feature patch updates them.

We are trying to get the platform releng changed for Eclipse 3.6 so that the feature patch goes away permanently.  This involves changing the platform build and process so that we can create repos rather than doing what we've been doing to contribute to Eclipse build.  See bug [1] for info.



Best regards,


On Fri, Oct 29, 2010 at 2:13 PM, Markus Alexander Kuppe <> wrote:
On 10/29/2010 02:01 PM, Pavel Samolisov wrote:
> Hello folks,


> 1. Details...
> This feature provides a patch of Eclipse 3.5-3.6 ECF Core Bundles. This
> allows the ECF 3.3 Target Components to function properly.
> May be this should be:
> This feature provides a patch of Eclipse 3.5-3.6 ECF Core Bundles. This
> allows the ECF 3.4 Target Components to function properly.
> ? Could somebody fix this?

Do you think this qualifies for a rebuild? But please file a ticket for
it and set the target to 3.4.1 anyway. If we find something else that
requires a rebuild, we will fix this one too.

> 2. In my Eclipse for RCP ECF daily builds were installed and I can't
> update to the currently build from [1]
> I removed the installed ECF and ECF 3.4 patch and try to install the
> currently build. If I checked all features, I get this message:
>>> "ECF 3.4 Patch for Eclipse 3.5-3.6" is not applicable to the current
> configuration and will not be installed.
> If I don't check the ECF 3.4 Patch, other components are installing fine.

Do you get more information in the error log or .log file?

> 3. I have tested the Communications perspective
> a) Jabber provider forks fine. This is very cool feature for me.
> b) IRC provider forks fine.
> b) Could not connect to the ecftcp:// server.

AFAIK the server isn't running on anymore.

> c) Could not connect to the server

Same here I guess.

Thanks for doing this
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