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[ecf-dev] ECF 3.4 Release...we're a go for Oct 29, 2010

Hi Folks,

An update on the ECF 3.4 release.

Short version: We're a go for ECF 3.4 release on Friday, Oct 29, 2010 (this coming friday).

Long version:

With lots of releng work from both Markus K (thanks!) and myself, we're ready to go for this Friday's ECF 3.4 release. Markus has created a Release_3_4 branch in git [1], and we now have a build job [2] that is building off that branch (and not master).

Requests of committers and contributors:

1) If you have additions and changes intended for *ECF 3.5* but not ECF 3.4, you may now push those things to master. I would ask that if you do this, however, that you please take care to try to not break the build jobs [3]. Actually, the previous sentence applies *all the time*...please, when you push changes, additions, etc to master, it's important that you

a) Do not break any build jobs. If build jobs become broken, someone (perhaps me, perhaps Markus) will come after you electronically pretty quickly...i.e. to fix whatever it is broke the build job. If things aren't fixed quickly, we will rollback the committed changes.

b) When/if you push new API or providers to master, at the same time please try to also add test code (either new test cases or entire new test plugins) to the appropriate automated tests. For new test code...please either make sure that the test is passing...or if the new test code exposes a pre-existing ECF bug, that you open a new bug describing the exposed problem before adding the test code to the automated build.

2) For this week...I would appreciate any help that committers and contributors can give in doing installation testing before Friday. What I do for installation testing is this:

a) Using a build from the Release_3_4 job [2], install the ECF sdk into Eclipse 3.6.1 (and/or other versions of Eclipse). I usually use a fresh version of the Eclipse SDK, but that's not necessary. It should be possible to update existing ECF installations as well. b) Check the Help->About plugin information...i.e. to make sure the ECF plugins are correctly installed, and that they contain the correct bundle-provider, bundle-name c) Run some of the old example apps (e.g. irc client, XMPPS client...e.g. google talk account, collab client, etc). d) Sometimes I also import source for the remote services hello example...i.e. to make sure everything is there to allow people to view the src, run the example (e.g. the product configuration).

If you do any installation issues and find something wrong that is severe, please open a bug immediately, and make it major or critical. Also please set the target milestone to 3.4.0.

This is going to be a very good release for us...coming out just before ESE (next week), with some very nice new things for remoteservices, eventadmin, rest API...along with lots of bug fixes and other contribution...driven by community usage. We're making great progress.

I'll make a final 3.4 announcement on this mailing list on Friday 29 (probably in the am pacific time), after the final build has been completed and promoted to

Ok...congrats and thanks to all.



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