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Re: [ecf-dev] ECF 3.4 Release...we're a go for Oct 29, 2010

Hello folks,

1. Details...
This feature provides a patch of Eclipse 3.5-3.6 ECF Core Bundles. This
allows the ECF 3.3 Target Components to function properly.

May be this should be:
This feature provides a patch of Eclipse 3.5-3.6 ECF Core Bundles. This
allows the ECF 3.4 Target Components to function properly.
? Could somebody fix this?

2. In my Eclipse for RCP ECF daily builds were installed and I can't
update to the currently build from [1]

I removed the installed ECF and ECF 3.4 patch and try to install the
currently build. If I checked all features, I get this message:
>> "ECF 3.4 Patch for Eclipse 3.5-3.6" is not applicable to the current
configuration and will not be installed.

If I don't check the ECF 3.4 Patch, other components are installing fine.

3. I have tested the Communications perspective
a) Jabber provider forks fine. This is very cool feature for me.
b) IRC provider forks fine.
b) Could not connect to the ecftcp:// server.
c) Could not connect to the server

Remote services, bot framework and distributed events I did not test.


29.10.2010 14:25, Markus Alexander Kuppe пишет:
> On 10/25/2010 08:01 PM, Scott Lewis wrote:
>> 2) For this week...I would appreciate any help that committers and
>> contributors can give in doing installation testing before Friday.  What
>> I do for installation testing is this:
>> a) Using a build from the Release_3_4 job [2], install the ECF sdk into
>> Eclipse 3.6.1 (and/or other versions of Eclipse).  I usually use a fresh
>> version of the Eclipse SDK, but that's not necessary.  It should be
>> possible to update existing ECF installations as well.
>> b) Check the Help->About plugin information...i.e. to make sure the ECF
>> plugins are correctly installed, and that they contain the correct
>> bundle-provider, bundle-name
>> c) Run some of the old example apps (e.g. irc client, XMPPS
>> client...e.g. google talk account, collab client, etc).
>> d) Sometimes I also import source for the remote services hello
>> example...i.e. to make sure everything is there to allow people to view
>> the src, run the example (e.g. the product configuration).
>> If you do any installation issues and find something wrong that is
>> severe, please open a bug immediately, and make it major or critical. 
>> Also please set the target milestone to 3.4.0.
> Hi all,
> is very likely to be the final build for ECF 3.4. Thus if you can spend
> a minute, please give it a try and help us have a smooth release.
> Thanks
> Markus
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