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[ecf-dev] please vote

Hi Folks,

The Eclipse Foundation election for committer Board representatives closes tomorrow (Friday, Mar 12) and I urge you to vote.

Voting is particularly important for small company and independent committers, IMHO, because the committer representatives are the primary representative on the Board for these folks, and the Board of Directors is ultimately responsible for everything from IP process, to EF resource allocation policies (i.e. how much $$ goes to marketing, or IT, or IP process, helping/supporting projects, or other things).

I also urge you to support committer rep candidates that will represent your desires for the future of the Eclipse Foundation. If you are haven't received your login credentials from the Eclipse Foundation, you should contact emo@xxxxxxxxxxx immediately.

If you do have your credentials, but have not yet voted, just go to:

Here's the page with all the elections info:


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