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Re: [ecf-dev] culling committers marked as inactive - PLEASE READ

Hi Folks,

So far, I've heard from Pete Mackie and Roland Fru about the desired status of their ECF committer rights.

Going once...


Scott Lewis wrote:
The foundation has the following ECF committers listed as inactive:

Chris Aniszczyk
Clark Hobbie
Wim Jongman
Peter Mackie
Roland Ndaka Fru
Peter Nehrer
Moritz Post

You can see this along with the active list here:

This list is generated by the EF, and it's possible that it's incorrect (it's possible to be active and have the contribution be missed).

Also...I know that Wim Jongman has just joined as a committer and so hasn't had a chance to be listed as active yet, but for the other committers on this list I have the following question: is it correct that you are on the inactive list...and if you want to remain listed as an ECF committer going forward?

If so, please let me know before the beginning of EclipseCon later this month...either in a public or private email (Wim it's not necessary for you to respond). After EclipseCon, unless I've heard from you that your presence on the inactive list is not desired/not your intention, I'm going to do the housekeeping to remove inactive committers from the committers list.



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