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Re: [ecf-dev] Send/Receive Text Remote Server

Hi Scott,

I`m grateful for the tips and I`m studying about. I got in touch with Marcelo.

Thanks very much and I'm waiting for ECF book, anxious.


On 1/21/10, Scott Lewis <slewis@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Hi Mario,
> Several years ago (summer 2007 I believe) another ECF committer named
> Marcelo Mayworm implemented something similar to what your website seems
> to describe...and it was called 'sharecode'.  Here is some of the docs
> for the old work [1].  I've also included Marcelo's email directly in
> this response.   Marcelo is still active as an ECF committer and so I
> would encourage you (and others if interested) and Marcelo to work
> together on something in this area....using all the available work and
> expertise.
> ECF Provider Architecture
> ECF has what we call a 'provider' architecture.  What this means is that
> there are provider plugins that implement one or more ECF APIs.  Here
> are some of the ECF APIs:
> ECF Core
> Datashare - messaging channels for communicating between 2 or more
> endpoints with arbitrary data (e.g. byte arrays).  ShareCode used this
> API, I believe to share source code between Eclipse instances
> (using/running ECF)
> Presence - Instant messaging
> Discovery - network based discovery of services (e.g. zeroconf, service
> locator protocol, zookeeper).
> Remote Services - Arbitrary distributed services, also REST and SOAP
> remote services APIs
> Shared Object - Replication of arbitrary java objects into a group, with
> support for distributed state update
> Call API - A telephony call setup/signalling API
> File Transfer - a transport independent asynchronous file transfer API
> Sync API - A synchronization API that provides replicated state
> synchronization (and is implemented using operational transformation as
> described here [2])
> A given provider (like XMPP) supports several of these APIs (so in the
> example of supports all of these APIs:  Presence, Datashare,
> Remote Services, Shared Object, File Transfer.  Other
> providers/protocols support other APIs...e.g. we have a bittorrent
> provider that implements the ECF file transfer provider.
> Also, incidently, there is work going on to introduce a 'news' API,
> along with a provider that implements it via NNTP [2a].  There's also
> work underway to implement the Google Wave protocol as an ECF provider [2b].
> Here are wiki pages (and javadocs pages) that describe most of these
> APIs [3].  Javadocs for all APIs are here [4].   The source for all of
> these APIs, and quite a number of providers that implement them are
> available in source code form as described by this page [5].  Included
> in the source code is a 'trivial' provider implementation (with project
> name org.eclipse.ecf.examples.provider.trivial)...that gives an example
> of creating a 'bare bones' provider.
> There's also an example application that uses datashare
> specifically...see  This may be
> interesting to you, given that it sounds like you are needing/wanting to
> send text between Eclipse instances (and the datashare API is a good way
> to do this).
> Finally, there's test code, that also serves as example code for most of
> the API.
> I (Scott) am working on additional documentation for Helios, and it was
> my desire to work on an ECF book (and 'solve' the extant documentation
> problem), but circumstances currently do not allow me to dedicate
> sufficient time to work on the book (at least separately from the
> documentation that I'm doing for the ECF wiki...which, BTW, is here [6] ).
> When I can, I will return to working on an ECF book and will be looking
> to have the book be collaboratively authored by the community...both
> because I am not the only author of what ECF has become, but also so
> that the all the talent that has contributed to ECF can be properly
> expressed and recognized.  But, alas, right now I'm not able to do this
> work because of my own need to support my family.  Hopefully this will
> change, but for the moment I'm not able to support things with a
> book/full documentation because of my personal situation...and limited
> contributions from others.
> Please feel free to ask any/all questions here on this mailing list,
> however, and I will provide as much support as possible for what you
> wish to do.
> Thanks,
> Scott
> [1]
> [2]
> [2a]
> [2b]
> [3]
> [4]
> [5]
> [6]
> Mario Ponciano - Razec wrote:
>> Hi folks,
>> In my free time a built an eclipse plugin send/receive text(snippets
>> and post-its) for database (Apache Derby) and I can communicate with a
>> Web Application.
>> The intention is provide a convenient, efficient and helpful way to
>> find and share snippets code.
>> But I'd like to implement ECF for it.There are some example, or some
>> documentation about it. how could i do this?
>> More information about the simple project:
>> Thanks in advance.
>> --
>> Mario C. Ponciano  - a.k.a Razec
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