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Re: [ecf-dev] Send/Receive Text Remote Server

Hi Mario,

Several years ago (summer 2007 I believe) another ECF committer named Marcelo Mayworm implemented something similar to what your website seems to describe...and it was called 'sharecode'. Here is some of the docs for the old work [1]. I've also included Marcelo's email directly in this response. Marcelo is still active as an ECF committer and so I would encourage you (and others if interested) and Marcelo to work together on something in this area....using all the available work and expertise.

ECF Provider Architecture

ECF has what we call a 'provider' architecture. What this means is that there are provider plugins that implement one or more ECF APIs. Here are some of the ECF APIs:

ECF Core
Datashare - messaging channels for communicating between 2 or more endpoints with arbitrary data (e.g. byte arrays). ShareCode used this API, I believe to share source code between Eclipse instances (using/running ECF)
Presence - Instant messaging
Discovery - network based discovery of services (e.g. zeroconf, service locator protocol, zookeeper). Remote Services - Arbitrary distributed services, also REST and SOAP remote services APIs Shared Object - Replication of arbitrary java objects into a group, with support for distributed state update
Call API - A telephony call setup/signalling API
File Transfer - a transport independent asynchronous file transfer API
Sync API - A synchronization API that provides replicated state synchronization (and is implemented using operational transformation as described here [2])

A given provider (like XMPP) supports several of these APIs (so in the example of supports all of these APIs: Presence, Datashare, Remote Services, Shared Object, File Transfer. Other providers/protocols support other APIs...e.g. we have a bittorrent provider that implements the ECF file transfer provider.

Also, incidently, there is work going on to introduce a 'news' API, along with a provider that implements it via NNTP [2a]. There's also work underway to implement the Google Wave protocol as an ECF provider [2b].

Here are wiki pages (and javadocs pages) that describe most of these APIs [3]. Javadocs for all APIs are here [4]. The source for all of these APIs, and quite a number of providers that implement them are available in source code form as described by this page [5]. Included in the source code is a 'trivial' provider implementation (with project name org.eclipse.ecf.examples.provider.trivial)...that gives an example of creating a 'bare bones' provider.

There's also an example application that uses datashare specifically...see This may be interesting to you, given that it sounds like you are needing/wanting to send text between Eclipse instances (and the datashare API is a good way to do this).

Finally, there's test code, that also serves as example code for most of the API.

I (Scott) am working on additional documentation for Helios, and it was my desire to work on an ECF book (and 'solve' the extant documentation problem), but circumstances currently do not allow me to dedicate sufficient time to work on the book (at least separately from the documentation that I'm doing for the ECF wiki...which, BTW, is here [6] ). When I can, I will return to working on an ECF book and will be looking to have the book be collaboratively authored by the community...both because I am not the only author of what ECF has become, but also so that the all the talent that has contributed to ECF can be properly expressed and recognized. But, alas, right now I'm not able to do this work because of my own need to support my family. Hopefully this will change, but for the moment I'm not able to support things with a book/full documentation because of my personal situation...and limited contributions from others.

Please feel free to ask any/all questions here on this mailing list, however, and I will provide as much support as possible for what you wish to do.




Mario Ponciano - Razec wrote:
Hi folks,

In my free time a built an eclipse plugin send/receive text(snippets and post-its) for database (Apache Derby) and I can communicate with a Web Application. The intention is provide a convenient, efficient and helpful way to find and share snippets code. But I'd like to implement ECF for it.There are some example, or some documentation about it. how could i do this?

More information about the simple project:

Thanks in advance.

Mario C. Ponciano  - a.k.a Razec


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