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Re: [ecf-dev] DocShare through a firewall

On 20 Jan 2010, at 22:26, Scott Lewis wrote:

> Hi Bill,
> Bill Michell wrote:
>> I'm trying to use DocShare to experiment with collaborating with an offshore developer.
>> I've successfully shared with a local developer via XMPP and our internal jabber server. But the offshore developer is the other side of a firewall, and while the chat capabilities work, the document sharing doesn't.
> This seems to me unlikely to be a firewall issue.  Rather I suspect that it's some issue with the configuration of the jabber server.  The reason is this...if it's possible to use the XMPP provider to connect and chat, it should be possible to use docshare...since docshare is based upon the datashare API, and for the xmpp provider this is implemented using the xmpp message properties (i.e. data that is sent with xmpp messages).  So docshare on xmpp doesn't require a separate simply reuses the existing connection.
> But I have heard that some servers do not, by default, allow message property traffic through....that they just don't allow message property traffic through.  So I would suggest first looking for xmpp message properties support info for the jabber server (what jabber server are you using, BTW?).
> Thanks,
> Scott
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I'm not sure it can be purely a server issues, since I'm docsharing quite happily with my co-located colleague. It is just the colleague outside the firewall having problems.

Unfortunately, I'm using an existing Jabber infrastructure, so I don't know what software is being used.

I'll double-check and make sure there aren't 2 jabber servers implicated - is that even possible? - if that is the mechanism used to tunnel through the firewall, it might explain the problem...

Bill Michell

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