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[ecf-dev] location of rmap cspec and mspec on ecf1

On ... the rmap files reside in a different location
than the cquery and mspec files. And for what we have started to set
up on ecf1, they are in the same place.
HEAD/releng/features/<specific feature>/<cquery> and <mspec> files
HEAD/releng/<rmap> files

HEAD/features/<rmap files>,<cquery>, and
<mspec> files.

I think it's too late to make a releng directory on the ecf1 CVS. I
quess we never had one. And we dont need one. But should we put rmap,
cquery and mspec together? For our ecf2 builds we really have only one
rmap file. Will we have different rmap files for the different OSU
fearures? Is so, then keeping rmap, cspec, and mspec together under a
directory that identifies the feature being built makes sense. If not,
then we should pull out the rmap file as we do on


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