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[ecf-dev] OSGI remote services spec progress

Hi Folks,

I've changed over the ECF spec implementation to be compliant with the service properties as specified in the OSGi 4.2 remote services spec (which I will occasionally refer to as 'chapter 13'). Previous to today, we were using the RFC119 specified service properties. There is more to do to complete the spec work (e.g. handling of config types), but I would say that about 70% of the changeover work is now completed: total effort so far...about 8 hours (that's 0.05 man-month) :)

The cool thing (for me, anyway) is that since our implementation of the spec uses the abstract ECF discovery and remote services APIs, this changeover means *all* existing providers/transports become spec compliant....e.g. ECF generic, r-OSGi, xmpp, JMS, JavaGroups, other, etc. All will now be compliant with the OSGi 4.2 remote services spec (with exactly no work for the provider implementations). This is uniquely enabled by ECF's transport-independent provider architecture...and the fact that the ECF discovery and remote services APIs are abstract programmatic APIs, and not implementations of specific protocols.

I've posted/will post more detail to bug, but I wanted to let people know about the progress.


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