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Re: [ecf-dev] location of rmap cspec and mspec on ecf1

On 12/12/2009 05:32 AM, Ted Kubaska wrote:
> On ... the rmap files reside in a different location
> than the cquery and mspec files. And for what we have started to set
> up on ecf1, they are in the same place.
> HEAD/releng/features/<specific feature>/<cquery> and <mspec> files
> HEAD/releng/<rmap> files
> ecf1
> HEAD/features/<rmap files>,<cquery>, and
> <mspec> files.
> I think it's too late to make a releng directory on the ecf1 CVS. I
> quess we never had one. And we dont need one. But should we put rmap,
> cquery and mspec together? For our ecf2 builds we really have only one
> rmap file. Will we have different rmap files for the different OSU
> fearures? Is so, then keeping rmap, cspec, and mspec together under a
> directory that identifies the feature being built makes sense. If not,
> then we should pull out the rmap file as we do on

Hi Ted,

for the moment we should be fine with just one rmap that sits in
HEAD/features/ And I agree, we don't need a
releng folder.
The mspecs and cqueries however should IMO live along with their
respective bundle/feature. Makes it easier to handle them if you change
something in bundle/feature and you need to update the mspec/cquery too.


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