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Re: [ecf-dev] rest API work

Hi Andre,

Andre Dietisheim wrote:
<stuff deleted>
I agree that there should be some way of specifying that a
RequestEntity is to be used for post requests, but I'm not clear on
the 'best' or 'clearest' way to represent it in the API.  Any
thoughts/comments would be appreciated...and we will get it back in

My initial thought is that RestCallFactory and RestCall shall be
extended. I started looking through the HttpClient and I'm currently not
that sure if we really need to provide an additional parameter for
entities. The first few snippets I found seemed to bridge from
HttpMethod-parameters to HttpMethod-entites/body. I'll investigate on
this as soon as my component's up and running.

I've created this bug for design discussion and patches/suggestions for dealing with this

We can have detailed discussions on this bug. I intend to address this in fairly short order (i.e. before the end of this month), but would like to solicit ideas of what would be simplest/easiest to address this (i.e. allowing post/put to have binary/serialized parameters). thing that would help me with testing of whatever we come up with would be if there is some existing rest-based service that you know about that takes one or more parameters for post or put (hopefully both).


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