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[ecf-dev] rest API work

Hi Folks,

As per bug [1] there's been some work on simplifying Holger's most excellent REST API (as well as better leveraging the ECF remote services API). These refactorings have now been released to head. See [2] for up-to-date javadocs, and [3] for access to the source code. See particularly the test code in for usage examples...but more example code is coming. If others use the API and have example code, as usual all contributions will be appreciated. As well, it would be great to integrate this API into TweetHub for accessing the twitter service sometime soon.

With the improved integration with ECF remote services, it's now easily possible to expose an arbitrary rest-based service as an ECF remote service. (e.g. twitter...or your favorite rest-based service). It's *not* necessary to have the service be exposed via an ECF-based server/service (that is, any rest-based serviced can be accessed as a remote service).

We also have IP approval to use and distribute the JSON parser implementation, so that those rest services that use json as the resource representation can parse JSON resources. The parser is now a bundle included in our build: org.json. Eventually, this bundle will probably move to Orbit, but in the mean time we will build it and deploy it with ECF.

Any thoughts/comments appreciated.


[2] (* packages)

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