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Re: [ecf-dev] rest API work

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Hi Scott

> This can/could be fairly easily done (i.e make it an option to create a
> new HttpClient or reuse an existing one), but it would be an addition. 
> Please open an enhancement request to this effect (i.e. 'reuse
> httpclient for rest calls' or something like that), and we'll get to it.

I filed a new bugzilla entry:

I wonder if there's any good reason to create a new instance on each
call.   What prohibits ECF to reuse a httpClient instance? Do I miss
Just tell me wich solution you'll opt for and I'll be glad to provider a

>> - - I need to be able to elaborate on the specific HTTP error.In some
>> cases my REST service answers 404 to signal me that there's no
>> information present. I'll have to react by not showing any information
>> for this call. On the other hand I'd have to popup an error for any
>> other error that may occur (authentication, transport etc.). I'd suggest
>> to pass an IStatus to the ECFException instead of a plain string. I'll
>> then be able to fetch it's code.
> The newly revised RestClientContainer and RestClientService classes
> can/would/do allow subclassing to implement alternative strategies for
> particular rest APIs...e.g. for handling http responses in custom ways
> for a particular rest api.   That is, it's intended that for *some* rest
> clients, subclasses of RestClientContainer and RestClientService might
> be created to customize the runtime behavior (since rest is more a
> family of protocols than it is a single protocol).
> In addition, it's possible that we could introduce some more flexibility
> into these classes....e.g. RestClientService...through some
> generalization of the protected and public methods...or by introducing
> interfaces for delegation.

sound good! I'll catch up with the latest incarnation and try to
subclass to get what I need.
On the other hand, I wonder here too, if there's any good reason to
deliberately loose the error code. What do I miss?

Thanks + Cheers!

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