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Re: [ecf-dev] Newsreader 0.6.0

Hi Wim,

Wim Jongman wrote:

    2a) After only a cursory examination of the code myself it looks
    like the ECF provider (i.e. org.eclipse.ecf.provider.nntp) is not
    completed/functioning that right?  Would it be possible
    to get that completed as well while the reviewing of the other
    pieces is done?

Yes, I made a start already.
    2b) Is there any test code available?  It would be great to be
    able include test code (of 2a as well as other tests) in the
    initial contribution

There is some but I have failed to do some from the start. It looked trivial in the beginning ... However, now that the 0.6.0 release is out. This is the top priority task, together with 2a.

    3) A CQ for the contribution has to be created for IP review (I
    will do this, but would like to get at least some of 1
    order to avoid multiple cycles of changes with the IP review process).

I don't know the IP process. Can you elaborate on why this would take so long since I wrote 99% of the code from scratch.

Since you wrote the code, and it's under EPL it won't take long...once they actually get to it...but there is a queue/backlog of CQ that can slow things down.

    4) Wim if you wish I can/will nominate you as an ECF committer, so
    that you can more easily add to/extend/maintain the contribution.
     Following EF rules, it will *still* be necessary for 3 to be done
    for this contribution, but for the future, having you be a
    committer would allow you to update/fix/extend things without CQs
    to do so.

Yes, thanks.

Ok. I'll initiate the election in a few days. Wim if you would be able to provide/post a short background on yourself for the existing committers...and/or point to something online...that would be good (only since not everyone will be able to review the newsreader code and the committers will need some info about you...your technical background, what you are/have been using ECF for, your interests, what other open source work you have done/are doing).



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