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[ecf-dev] ECF call for participation - EclipseCon 2010

Hi Folks,

I wanted to let everyone in the ECF community know that the call for participation for EclipseCon 2010 is now open:

I encourage everyone in the ECF community to consider submitting a tutorial, talk, short talk or show the community what you are doing (with ECF and/or Eclipse/Equinox-based work), and to have a chance to interact with other committers and community members. If EclipseCon 2010 is like previous EclipseCons, the interaction with other Eclipse users, committers, and leaders will be a great experience.

Sadly, it looks like I (Scott) personally will not be able to go to EclipseCon this year. I'm no longer with EclipseSource, and so unless something changes I would have to pay for travel and accomodations on my own 'dime', and that is not something I can afford. Things could change in positive directions, but at this point unless they do my means don't allow my attendance. This is profoundly sad for me, as more than presentations, announcements, etc., I will miss interacting with the people using/extending/improving ECF.

If asked, I *will* agree to participate in helping others create/submit proposals for their tutorials, talks, or etc...and will agree to be a co-author/co-presenter. If things change for me then I would like to participate/help present, but if not then hopefully I can help the proposal and/or help prepare. In any case, again...please do consider submitting a tutorial or talk proposal for EclipseCon 2010...and help present/represent the great things being done by the ECF community.


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