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Re: [ecf-dev] Communications menu item does not exist in project's context menu

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Hi All,

Thanks folks, I have looked into this thing. Collaborating feature is
very nice. I will try to introduce it in my team.

Scott Lewis пишет:
> Hi Pavel,
> The text in the empty collaboration view is obsolete...and this is a
> documentation bug.  I've opened
> to track
> In the mean time, the main way of connecting an entire workspace to a
> collaboration group is to just select the appropriate toolbar icon.  You
> can get the icon to appear in the toolbar by
> a) opening the communications perspective (where the toolbar item is on
> by default)
> b) Customizing your existing perspective by adding the 'Communications'
> command via Window->Customize Perspective...->Command Groups
> Availability (tab)->Communications (check box)
> The reason this ECF toolbar item isn't on by default in other
> perspectives is that as part of the simultaneous release rules we (ECF)
> cannot add UI to existing perspectives.
> Scott
> Samolisov Pavel wrote:
>> Hello folks,
>> I continue playing with ECF. I open Collaboration view and see this
>> text: "to open context menu for project, and choose Communications ->
>> Connect Project to Collaboration Group", but "Communications" menu item
>> does not exist in a projects context menu. I have tried connect to my
>> localhost ecf.generic.server, but "Communications" menu item will not
>> appear. :-(
>> Any ideas, please.
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