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Re: [ecf-dev] Communications menu item does not exist in project's context menu

Hi Pavel,

The text in the empty collaboration view is obsolete...and this is a documentation bug. I've opened

to track

In the mean time, the main way of connecting an entire workspace to a collaboration group is to just select the appropriate toolbar icon. You can get the icon to appear in the toolbar by

a) opening the communications perspective (where the toolbar item is on by default) b) Customizing your existing perspective by adding the 'Communications' command via Window->Customize Perspective...->Command Groups Availability (tab)->Communications (check box)

The reason this ECF toolbar item isn't on by default in other perspectives is that as part of the simultaneous release rules we (ECF) cannot add UI to existing perspectives.


Samolisov Pavel wrote:
Hello folks,

I continue playing with ECF. I open Collaboration view and see this
text: "to open context menu for project, and choose Communications ->
Connect Project to Collaboration Group", but "Communications" menu item
does not exist in a projects context menu. I have tried connect to my
localhost ecf.generic.server, but "Communications" menu item will not
appear. :-(

Any ideas, please.


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